First movie theatre experience

At what age did you take your child(ren) to the movie theatre for the first time?

My son will be four on March 17th and on March 7th my husband and I were trying to find something for us to do together that Kendyn would also enjoy. We had a gift card from Christmas we received as a gift from Christmas this year to the movies so we decided to take Kendyn to see Sonic the movie.

We have been contemplating taking him to the movies for months now and decided we might as well get if over with and at-least we wouldn’t be out too much money if he didn’t want to sit. My biggest concern was it’s hard for him to sit and watch something for a long period of time so I was prepared during the whole movie for him to want to leave.

On our way there, we were talking it up and saying it so awesome and it’s a HUGE screen you watch the movie on. We also prepared him and said that there are going to be lots of other people there so we have to be quiet so they can also watch the movie. He seemed really excited the whole way there asking questions and talking about it. Once we pulled up we reminded him once again that we have to stay in our seats and be quiet so everyone can enjoy the movie.

Once we walked in he immediately saw the candy and ice machine (of course lol). We told him if he was good waiting for the movie he could get his icee to watch the movie and he agreed. We got there a little bit early so we waited for them to start seating people and my husband pulled the trailer up for Sonic for Kendyn to watch before we went in. Once they were seating people we took Kendyn to the theater we were going to be in so that he could see how big it is. We found out seats and were the first ones in there, it was still pretty dark because the previews hadn’t started yet so after a couple minutes he got bored and I think a little freaked out so he got up and said, “ I have to get out of here.” So we took him out to get his icee and went back in.

After a few minutes more people started showing up in the theater and once the previews started he was starting to relax a little bit. The theatre we went to had the nice recliner seats and he insisted on sitting really close to me and my husband so we were pretty squished, haha. Finally the movie started and we got about thirty minutes in or so and he started to get antsy and wanted to get up again, so my husband took him to get some candy and came back. He was fine and laughing at the movie for awhile until his icee ran out so he insisted on getting a refill. So it was mommy’s turn to take him. I took him out, got a refill and went back to our seats. After we got his refill he was awesome the rest of the movie sitting on daddy’s lap.

In the end he did a pretty good job being quiet and only getting up twice for his first movie theater experience. He has been asking to go back to watch the new Scooby Doo movie even thought it’s not out yet, haha. That’s a win in my book and I wouldn’t mind taking him again sometime down the road.

What we’re your experiences?

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