Birthday plans changed

With all of this craziness going around with the world with the coronavirus and yesterday was my son’s fourth birthday, we had to cancel going to Monster Jam for his first time and we are also waiting to have a party until further notice. We are planning on having just close family come over this coming weekend for cake.


Even though our big plans for this year had to be pushed back, we still celebrated our big boy on his birthday. So I still got up and made him his green birthday pancakes just like I have done since he turned one. He was so happy about it and made sure we put candles in them and sang happy birthday.


He had his older brothers and sister here and loved that they were here to sing to him and give him his gifts. His GG and aunt Ady came over and gave him his gifts from them he was so thrilled to have people he loves come over and tell him happy birthday. He was not able to go to school and bring in cookies for his classmates since the preschool/daycare he goes to and I work at shut down until further notice, but he was okay with that. He went to his brothers and sisters mom’s house for the night and had cake and celebrated his birthday with them last night, he was extremely excited about having a sleepover with them.


I am just glad we could still do something for him this year since everything is closing down and we have been stuck in the house. I hope that next year we can make up for it and he can FINALLY make it to Monster Jam.

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