birth story

Kendyn’s Birth Story

It has been four years since our little man came into the world and I have been wanting to write this and just haven’t been able to. I knew it would be too long because all of the emotions you are going through, it is difficult to keep it short and sweet. I knew you wouldn’t want to read tons of pages on it so I have been able to make it as short as possible.

birth story

I read and watched a million birthing stories a few weeks before Kendyn’s arrival. I know that was probably not the best thing to do seeing how this was my first and watching those videos made me a little nervous, but I also learned that not everyone’s experience is the same so that made it a little better for me to think about that.

birth story 3

My pregnancy was not too terrible other than the fact I did have high blood pressure and I did swell up quite a bit. Once I hit 36 weeks I was so huge and tired that I was ready for him to make his arrival.

At 37 weeks, just three days after my baby shower, I woke up for work that Wednesday morning and did my normal morning bonding routine with him where I would lay on my back for a couple minutes before getting ready and watch him move and talk to him. I had zero signs that my water would be breaking that afternoon. I went on with my morning and went into work, It was a sunny day and chilly because it was the middle of March.

Side note: I do not remember ever seeing my mucus plug come out so I was not expecting him to come three weeks early.

My job at the time was to drive mentally handicap adults to and from work, So I was at someone’s job to pick them up and I had to use the bathroom while I waited for him to get ready. I walked back out to the front desk to sign him out, I remember it was 3:30 p.m. and as I was standing there I felt this huge gush of liquid come out and go down my legs. I was very surprised at how calm I was and I just looked at the lady at the desk and calmly told her I had to leave and someone else would have to come out to pick him up because I am very confident that my water just broke. She was very nice and gave me what I always call “puppy potty pads” to sit on in the vehicle and she wished me luck.

As soon as I got back in the vehicle I called Marcus and told him my water broke and to meet me at the hospital, he is a dump truck driver and actually beat me to the hospital. I then called my boss and told her as I was heading back in to drop the vehicle off. I drove about twenty minutes back to work to drop off the work vehicle and have someone take me to the hospital. My boss was acting like a b**** and wasn’t going to let anyone take me to the hospital but I told her I was either taking a vehicle, she could have someone take me, or I was having the baby on the floor in her office. So she finally decided to have someone take me there, because we had one vehicle at the time and my husband would take it to work. My husband beat me to the hospital and was waiting by the front doors with nurses and a wheelchair for me. Once we went inside and up the elevator they wanted to check me to make sure my water actually broke, even though every move I made it was just gushing out. So I stood up from the wheelchair and they immediately had me sit back down and said, “Okay, lets get you in a room.”

They had me change into the gown and lay down on the bed to get me hooked up to all the monitors. By this time I had been in active labor for around two hours. I was dilating pretty fast but then stopped at 5cm. I kept wanting to go to the bathroom to make sure I got all poop out because I didn’t want to poop while pushing lol. They had me walk around the labor and delivery floor for about half an hour and then went back to bounce on the medicine ball. When I still wasn’t dilating quickly they ended up giving me Pitocin. After I had that, I could feel the contractions more. Up to that point they really were not that terrible. There were a couple times when the nurses were surprised I wasn’t reacting when they were looking at the monitors. Contractions really are like a wave like they say, they start very mild and then build to an intensity where you can’t do anything else but focus on it, and then they taper off.

I knew I wanted to have an epidural that has always been the plan even before I was pregnant. So once they offered it to me I took it. I am not going to lie, I was petrified of it but It really was not bad at all, the numbing shot they gave me hurt ten times worse than getting the actual epidural. Getting the epidural was just uncomfortable because you have to sit up, hunched over, and perfectly still while having contractions. But that relief once it kicks in is well worth it!

By this point I have been up for going on 12-14 hours, I was already so exhausted and haven’t eaten anything other than ice chips for about 8 hours. So after the epidural kicked in around midnight we all tried to get some sleep. Let’s just say I didn’t really get much sleep because I was already uncomfortable, still leaking fluids, and the nurses would come into the room multiple times to check me. The last time they came in to check it was a little after 1 a.m. and I was finally dilated to a ten!


birth story 5

This is when it really hit me, I was about to become this little boy’s mommy. It was finally time to push and meet our sweet little man.

Once they started bringing in all the supplies I started getting anxious and nervous. I remember the bright lights turning on above me and there was a mirror I could watch if I decided to, which I did sometimes and I do highly recommend doing this!

My doctor was not there yet so they were trying to get me to not push but if you have ever been in labor and your body is wanting to push, it’s nearly impossible to not do it. So they gave me a little more of the epidural to try to slow down contractions until my Doctor arrived. The nurse did let me push a couple times to try to get him started, she had me hold on to the bars that are attached to the bed and it was difficult for me to figure out how to push that way, it just didn’t feel right. Finally my doctor made it and it was game time! Being a first time mom and never having to push a baby out of me was hard to figure out and it took me two hours to push him out which made him get stuck in my birth canal. It was the most intense pain even with the epidural so ladies who go without It you are a hero! I remember them putting an oxygen mask on me and there was just so much going on I felt like it was strangling me, so every time I pushed I had to take it off. Marcus was such a trooper and kept rubbing my head and talking me through everything and I appreciate him so much he really is amazing!

birth story 2

After a long two hours of pushing and twelve hours of labor, Kendyn Roy Grimshaw made his arrival on March 17, 2016 at 3:58 a.m.

Our little St. Patty’s day baby!

The moment they laid him on my chest, nothing else in the world mattered. All the pain I felt just seconds ago went away. I don’t really remember birthing the placenta because I was in such awe that my son was actually here! I do remember getting stitches (second degree tear) only because I did feel a couple pinches from it, but I was so overwhelmed by all the emotions pumping through my body that I didn’t care. There truly is nothing in the world like that moment when he was first laid on my chest.

I don’t think I can even put this next part into words because my writing is not that amazing to put these feelings into words. When they put Kendyn in my arms for the first time and watching Marcus cut the umbilical cord, it was one of those few moments in life when I was living in the exact moment I was in and I was not worried about anything else in that moment in time. I was in complete waterworks, and I was later told by him that Kendyn’s head was extremely cone shaped from being stuck for so long, but I didn’t even really notice with everything going on. I do remember Marcus asking to hurry and put a hat on him before we take more pictures, haha.

And the bond we had from breastfeeding, that first latch was so precious and amazing. He did have a hard time latching but we eventually got the hang of it.

I remember when they were giving him his little bath he would start getting fussy and then the nurse would rub his back and he would immediately stop. He was already spoiled as can be. I remember being so exhausted by the time we made it to the other room, we all passed out for a few hours before it was time for me to feed him. Later that afternoon we allowed family to start coming in to meet him.

birth story 4

We left the hospital on March 19th around 12:30 p.m. to head home to transition into our new lives as a family of six! His siblings came over when we got home to meet their new baby brother and they all just adored him so much and still do.

Before I say I am finished with this post, I wanted to say one more thing. I am so very thankful for Marcus, my partner through this whole amazing journey. He was so calm, sturdy, comforting, and sincere throughout it all. I appreciate all you do babe you are my rock and I love you so much!

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