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10 items on my registry for second baby

After we had Kendyn four years ago we were not sure if we would have another baby or not. I always wanted one more but my husband was not there yet until we started trying in July of this year. Since we were not sure when and if we would have another one we got rid of just about everything we received and bought when he was a baby and from my baby shower. So we are starting from nothing this time around other than we still have the crib. We are having another baby shower since we really do need just about everything and we are having a girl this time. I have put together ten items that are on my registry for second time moms.


With Kendyn I did breastfeed but we had to eventually mix breastmilk with formula because he had reflux really bad so we used the drop in bottles but this time I just wanted to try something different just in case we have to mix formula again with her, and I love that you can find these both on amazon since I am a huge amazon buyer.


Since I will have two young kids to lug a bunch of stuff around I decided to put a book bag diaper bag on the registry. They are a lot easier to carry and you can carry a lot more in them with all the space. This one especially is one of my favorites because of all the extra pockets and space provided.


If you plan on nursing you will want a nice stash of stuff like breast pads, nipple cream, nursing bras, and milk storage bags if you plan on exclusively pumping and storing milk. I found this brand, Earth Mama this time around and heard great things about them so I am going to try them out.


I cannot say this enough, you will go through diapers so fast and you don’t even realize it until your down to your last two and need to rush to the store to stock up again. We are planning on doing a diaper raffle this time around because we did not do it for our first and we didn’t get many packs of diapers, we ended up with WAY too many clothes than we could even use. So don’t forget to put all sizes of diapers on your registry because you will need them. We plan on using Parents Choice or Aldi’s brand.


These are amazing, with my oldest I used it for many different things. I used it for when I was nursing, sitting him up, he could lay on it on the floor, when his older siblings and dad fed him they would use it so their arms wouldn’t get tired. Lets just say these are a must have, and you can get different cute covers for them also.


You can not have enough of these especially if your little one spits up or drools a lot.


If you are anything like me, you will want your baby close to you at night to make sure they are okay. Having a bassinet in your room will help ease your mind having your little one close but not in the same bed. Once they grow out of it you can move them to their bed then. You can get many different kinds of these but I am okay with a simple one.


These are awesome when your little one starts to sit up on their own. My oldest loved his, it was a tight fit with him being so chubby but he loved being able to sit up and see everyone at all times.


These are always a great idea to have, it helps your baby with fine motor skills by holding on to the dangling toys and they love looking up at it. I also used mine for tummy time when my son was a baby.


These are a necessity in my opinion because a lot of babies sleep better when they are wrapped up tight like when they were in the womb and it helps them feel safe and comfortable.


There are a lot more that are essentials like a breast pump, car seat, stroller. But in all honestly, other than possibly family members there isn’t many people who would get those big purchases for you. If you have friends that would then consider yourself lucky lol.

My dad and stepmom have helped out a TON with this pregnancy and they have bought us some big purchases and my stepmom is the one putting together my baby shower so I am very thankful for them.

I also found it to be a ton easier to use the app babylist for my registry this time around because you can add anything from any website to one place and give one like to your friends and family instead of multiples.

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