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6 things to do before baby arrives

Adding another baby into your family is very exciting, nerve-wracking, and a lot of preparation. You may have some items left over from your oldest, me on the other hand am starting from scratch. An important thing to do before baby arrives is doing special things with your oldest. The closer we get to July the more nervous I am about bringing a new baby home. The pregnancy isn’t scary, I am fully enjoying this pregnancy. I am more worried about the fact that Kendyn isn’t going to be the baby anymore and he is so used to having a ton of our attention. He knows that there is going to be a baby sister in a couple months and he acts very excited about it. He always talks to my belly, rubs my belly, and talks about her all the time. I am just nervous that he is all excited now about her coming until she is here and she needs a lot of my attention. So I have sat down and thought of a few things I have done and I will do with him to hopefully help with her arrival.

1- Talking about the baby

Ever since we found out that we were expecting we told Kendyn that there was a baby in my belly. At first I don’t think he really understood because I didn’t look any different at that time. But the more we would talk about it, and after we told everyone else and they started talking to him about it, it really seemed to click and now that he can see and feel her move he really loves it and is very excited. We have told him all the things he can do to help and how awesome it is to be a big brother.

2- Go through and get rid of old toys

You are about to get so much more stuff, make it fun for your child to go through all his/her old toys and clothes. About a month ago Kendyn and I went into his room, we sat down and made a pile for toys he wanted to give to other kids and a pile of clothes he has grown out of. He loved the idea that he was giving kids toys that they didn’t have (He didn’t play with most of it anyways.) He always loves going through his clothes anyways so that part was not that hard but toys were a little rough at first. Him and the new baby are going to share a room so I told him he had to make room for his baby sister when she came and he was okay with that.

3- Work on those transitions you have been meaning to do

If your oldest is still in diapers, crib, still has a pacifier, etc. and you have been wanting to break them of those habits, do it now and try to get them broke before the baby comes. I feel like my energy level will not be even close to what it is now when the baby comes for those arguments and battles and that’s a lot of moms with multiples. That doesn’t mean you absolutely have to do it and finish before the baby comes but it would be helpful to get a jump start on it now so you have a heads up. My battle we have been trying to work on and it has been a struggle is getting him to stay in his own bedroom all night. He will start in his room and always ends up in our bed. That will be a whole different post on why I will refuse to co-sleep with this baby because it has been a four year struggle with Kendyn. We are hoping that since him and the new baby will be sharing a room after she is here for a couple months that he will stay in there to “protect” her. I am also nervous of him waking her up at night because sometimes he will wake up crying and screaming from bad dreams and it is very loud, so I am trying to mentally prepare myself for those nights.

4- Have a mommy and me day

I know it might sound silly, but I do plan on making a special day before she comes with just me and Kendyn to do things he loves. There wont be many times after that we will be able to do that once the baby comes. I don’t plan on feeling guilt or obligated to do it, we both deserve a day to ourselves.

5- Go shopping

It’s alright if you are so overjoyed about buying those cute little baby clothes, and before you know it your oldest is growing right out of their clothes. I know I have been crazy about buying cute little girl clothes ever since we found out we were having a little girl. Luckily my son’s birthday is in March so this year we asked everyone to get him clothes for spring/summer and he insisted on lots of shoes. So he wont have to wear small and tight clothes because momma didn’t notice how fast he was growing. He loves getting new shoes but not so much clothes. Haha.

6- Take a ton of pictures!

If your anything like me, you already have a crazy amount of pictures of your kid(s) on your phone. I know me personally I have over 7,000 pictures (I know that’s a ton, but I can’t help it with four kids already.) I am going to keep looking like a crazy helicopter parent with my phone always taking pictures especially adding another to the group. I know it is cliché, but they really do grow up fast and having a baby and older ones trying to keep up on those special moments, it’s hard not to have a crazy amount of pictures. You will look back one day and be glad you were that crazy looking mom and they will be thankful that they can look back and see moments of their childhood.


I really hope that my fears of him getting completely jealous of his baby sis needing a lot of mommies help and attention are only fears and he is amazing with her. I just need to relax and hope for the best, he does amazing with other babies so maybe it will be the same with her.

Hopefully this post helps anyone who is adding another bundle of joy into their families. These are just a few things I want to do and have done already with Kendyn, and I love sharing my ideas with all of you! Let me know what you think.

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