Things we do that annoy our husbands

So I was thinking it was only fair to ask my husband and have other ladies as their husbands what we do that annoy them.

These responses are pretty hilarious and the ones my husband said are very true haha.

“Taking forever to make appointments, especially because I don’t want to call.”

Why is this a recurring complaint haha. I am the one to call and make appointments as well. Anyone else?

“Move things around the house every few weeks.”

This is not me lol, my husband is the one who likes to move things around.

“I ‘baby’ our daughter”

I mean, what mom doesn’t baby their kids?

“I’m untidy apparently.”


“Babying our son and not remembering things.”

Well, again what mom doesn’t baby their kids? HELLO! it’s called mom brain lol.

“Moan or get grumpy”

We are allowed to be grumpy lol

“I have to have something that is expensive and then I only use it a handful of times.”

This is true, I can’t deny this statement

“I pout about a lot”

Yes, again can’t deny lol

“I want things right now and if I don’t get my way I pout.”

I am trying to work on this, OKAY? lol


This was fun to do, thank you for everyone who joined in with me so that I could make these blog posts.

Is there anything else you do that annoys your husband? I would love to read about them in the comments.

I want to say thank you to all of my followers for all of the feedback and enjoying my posts, I really could not do this without all of you!

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Hello everyone! My name is Alexa Grimshaw and I am a wife and mother. I am from Ohio born and raised, maybe one day move somewhere that I don't have to deal with snow lol. I am twenty-eight years old and I have three beautiful step-children and my husband and I have one four year old boy and our daughter was born July 2020. I love having fun, outdoors, comedy, COFFEE, and my sweets. I am a daycare teacher and I love working with young children and watching them grow and learn daily. I decided to start this blog to share some of my ideas and things I have learned through marriage, being a working mom and motherhood. I also hope to find other moms and bloggers to connect with. I hope to talk to you and I hope you enjoy my blog!

2 thoughts on “Things we do that annoy our husbands

  1. All of these scream me haha! The thing that annoys my husband the most about me is that I never fully finish what I’m doing! I’ll start a house project then before completing it, I’ll be onto something else and leave the previous project’s mess there 🙂


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