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How to have a Virtual Baby Shower

With everything going on in the world right now, having a virtual shower is a great option to still bring all of your friends and family together digitally to celebrate the expecting mother to be. I know that this is very emotionally and anxious time for all pregnant women right now, including me, and it is very hard not to think about what will happen. Having a virtual shower will help the mom to be feel loved and supported during these times.

Virtual showers have been around for awhile for other reasons including: bedrest, family that is too far away, or mother’s/guest health.

What forum could you use to have the virtual shower?

Thank goodness technology has came as fat as it has, there are many options for you to choose from to have your shower. Zoom, Facebook Live, Google Hangout, and Skype are some options you can use for your shower.

Skype: This is very well known all around the world. Many people already have an account, and you can have up to fifty people for free on the chat.

Facebook: You can make a private group for family and friends to keep in touch. Mom-to-be can share videos, links, and photos.

Zoom: This is big with video conferencing especially at this time. There might be a lot of people who do have an account already because of everyone working from home and doing online schooling. The free plan you can get from them includes video conferencing for up to one hundred people!

Google Hangout: This one has been around for awhile and many people do have google accounts. You can video call with up to ten people.

Who should host the virtual shower?

I noticed that a lot of moms to be will host their own virtual shower, but you do not have to. During this pandemic I know a lot of us did not plan on even thinking about switching to a virtual shower, so you probably already had someone hosting one for you. Just talk to them about switching to a virtual shower and you can even plan it together if you want.

Are virtual baby showers difficult for guests who are not tech-savvy or elder relatives?

Absolutely not! Once you have it set up, you just send your guests a link to log into the video call, Easy peasy!

What gifts can guests buy, and how do they get it to you?

They can buy anything they want. A lot of registries are online now anyways. Guests from all over can buy something off of your registry and have it sent to your house. My favorite registry is Babylist. You can add items from any store and it is all in one registry and link.

What do you do at a virtual shower?

You can do a lot at a virtual shower! Some mom’s play games, virtual toast, diaper raffle if anyone sent you diapers. Guests are asked to send their gifts directly to the mom and she opens them during the shower, so everyone can see what she received.

Do I still make invitations?

You can send out e-invitations or regular ones through the mail. If you choose to send an e-invitation, there are a couple sites that you can use to personalize your invitations.

Canva: They have a free editing platform to create personalized e-invitation with photos that you can send via email, WhatsApp, or text.

Etsy: They have some great e-invitation options that you can instantly download and customize.

I hope this post helps some moms-to-be out there worried about what they are going to do about a shower. We are all in this together! If you have any other ideas or if you have had your shower virtually, I would love to hear what you have done.

I have teamed up with an amazing company that does custom pacifiers and would be a great gift for a mom-to-be. I have already ordered three for my baby and I am so excited to receive them in the mail!

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custom pacifiers






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Four pregnancy apps that I use

Now that you have gotten that positive pregnancy test, you want to know how your little one is growing because you are anxiously waiting for that first prenatal appointment that seems so far away. I was the same way with my oldest and I am the same way once again with this pregnancy, so I totally get it mama! I am here to share my favorite pregnancy apps that I have used with both pregnancies that have helped me make it through. Having one helps you keep tabs on your little ones milestones, what features are forming and your babies size. You can also keep track of your bump by uploading your pictures. I am just over the top and have more than one, haha.

Baby Center Pregnancy Tracker

baby center

This app will show you your babies growth and development including a year after birth. There is a mom community and articles with information and tips. This app has an option to create your birth plan, look up foods and drinks that are safe or not safe during pregnancy. You can upload bump pictures and pictures every month after your baby is born.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

ovia pregnancy tracker

This one has many other apps that include ovulation tracker and baby growth developer. This one is my favorite one to use. You can see your babies growth including, how big their hands and feet would be that week. It also gives you a weekly countdown to your due date, articles, and informative videos. You can upload a weekly bump picture if you decide to, and there is a community where you can ask questions and answer other peoples questions.

What to Expect

what to expect

This app gives you options you can compare your babies size to including: movie props, fruits, and 90’s nostalgia. This app will track your bodies changes and your babies growth. It includes an awesome mom group that is one of my favorite ones in all the apps. They also have daily articles on baby products, choosing child care, how to pick your babies name, and so much more. This app will also track your babies milestones into toddler-hood.

The Bump

the bump

This app has a planner to prepare for your prenatal care, you can also find reviews on baby products. It also includes your babies development and informative articles. You have an option to set up your baby registry in the app, and your babies growth pictures are in 3D.

These are just the ones I have used and love. There are so many out there and I know what I prefer might not be what you like, so go check out your options and see what fits your preferences.

I’m curious on if you have used these or other ones what your opinions are on them?

I just want to say THANK YOU for continuing to show my blog some love. I appreciate all of the support for me to continue writing these posts, you guys are awesome!





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Baby registry essentials checklist

I know that once you figure out your pregnant, there are a million things that are going through your head of what you need to get done. I cannot tell you how long I spent on trying to figure out items I needed with my first pregnancy and I had no idea what I was doing and ended up with things I really did not need and not things I really did need. I have decided to put a list together for you first time mommies that have no idea what you really need and what you don’t. I know you cannot control what people buy but it is still nice to know what is essential and what really is not just to give people an idea when looking at your registry. If you do end up with things you do not like or need you can always return them after the shower and replace it with something you need.

There will be some links in the list of items that I have personally used or going to use this time around.

Make sure if you get this you use it. Learn from my mistakes, I was a first time mom and when my son would cry I would just pick him up from his bassinet and lay him in bed with me. Four years later we are still fighting with him to stay in his room all night.

We used a Bouncer and Rock’n’Play and my son loved both, he would fall asleep all the time in them. Some babies don’t like them and some do.

This is the kind of set we received with our son, we have gotten a different set with our daughter this time around that we will use when she is here. I would recommend getting these in a set because it will save you money in the end. I know a lot of people will say that they will not use a stroller but I said the same thing and boy was I wrong! You don’t realize how handy they are especially if you have more than one child.

I used this so many times! My son was very needy and still is, haha. It came in handy when I would cook or clean and he was upset. Also, when he was a couple months old he got really sick with roseola and would only stop crying if we were holding him, so this carrier really got a ton of use during that time.

This is just for the pillow, there are many different covers you can get for these. This really came in handy with my son and I will be using it again for my daughter. They really help when your feeding your baby and I also used it to sit him up, lay him down, and with tummy time.

  • Breastfeeding Cover
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Car Seat Cover
  • Wipes and Diapers

With the wipes and diaper you cannot have too many! I would never turn down anyone who wanted to give me diapers or wipes. Even if you get the brand you do not want to use or the wrong size, there are some stores that will allow you to swap them out. For your baby shower I would do a diaper raffle where people put their names into a drawing for how many packs of diapers they bring and they can win a prize.

With my son we used the Drop in bottles because he had terrible reflux so on top of breastfeeding I had to mix formula with breastmilk in bottles to help. This time we are preparing with Dr. Brown and Tommee Tippee anti colic bottles. You really do not need a whole stack of bottles, around 6-10 would be perfect. If you are breastfeeding and planning on doing it exclusively, it is still nice to have some around just in case.

These are really nice to have especially during feeding if your baby is a messy eater. Also, if your baby spits up after eating or drools a lot it is nice to put a bib on them so they don’t get it all over them.

Okay, so these really are not essential but my goodness are they cute! Regular towels will work just fine for you baby and would probably be warmer, but if you have the budget it doesn’t hurt to have a couple cute towels around.

This is the one that we used with our son and I currently have the same one but in pink on my registry for this baby. I liked how it is comfortable for the baby and the water can reach them from the tub. I also like how you can adjust how high and low the baby lays on it.

I received a bunch of blankets that I really did not use for my son. We had so many that we just stuffed up in his closet and forgot about but receiving blankets really do come in handy especially to swaddle them.

  •  Baby Hangers

Yes you heard me right. Hangers are a necessity, you will want to hang up those cute little onesies and outfits and you cannot use the big ones you use for your clothes. Good thing is they are not very expensive at all.

I love the backpack style diaper bags! This is the one I plan on using this time around, Back pack style is becoming very popular and they are very easy and convenient. With my son I used the over the shoulder one and I was not really a fan with having to carry him, other things going on and carrying the diaper bag was just difficult. This one has many pockets for storage and I am so excited to have the space for two kids, haha.

  •  Extra bassinet sheets

It is nice to have extra sheets where your baby sleeps for those nights they pee through their diapers and it makes a huge mess.

  •  Pacifiers

Now, I only put this on here because some babies want them and some do not. So it may be something you will need or it may not be. I would hold off on buying a ton of them or any at all because the hospital will have some they can give you. My son used the hospital ones and we never had to buy any because he only used them for a couple months and then had no interest anymore.

If you plan on Pumping and nursing

  •  Breast pump

This is definitely a must have if you plan on nursing and pumping. I know they can be very expensive but you can get pumps for free or discounted through your insurance. Give them a call and see what you are approved for.

I loved my nursing bras! They were very comfortable and very convenient when your baby is ready to eat. Honestly I would save your money on nursing clothes other than the bras because you really can make due with the clothes you have. Just regular Cami’s will work with your nursing bra. Plus nursing clothes can get really pricy.

  •  Nursing pads

You will need these to keep your milk from leaking through your clothes. With my oldest I used the ones that are not reusable and it ended up getting pricy, so this time we are going to try out reusable ones.

If you plan on pumping outside of the home, it is nice to have this to store you milk in until you make it back home.

Having Soothing Cream for your nipples is a life savor! I have not used this brand yet but have heard amazing things about them and plan on using them this time around.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I hope I can help some new mommies-to-be that are freaking out right now. Just breathe momma everything will work out and you will be well prepared for your little one to be here!

I am curious, what items do you think are unnecessary or necessary? What items could you not go without?



This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you use them. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases with no additional cost to you. You do not need to purchase the specific item I post about in order for it to credit my account. Any purchase you make after visiting my page will help support this blog. I am very thankful for those of you who are following my page and supporting me in keeping this blog going!

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Five Easter crafts and food ideas

I have decided to put a list of Easter crafts and food ideas that you can do with your kids this year since we are stuck inside for another thirty days. I will be posting links for items that if you do not have them already at home you can order them online. I know this year is going to be hard for families and their normal traditions will have to be changed but at least you are home safe and able to still do something with your kids. I wanted to make some kind of light out of these crazy times and help some families still have fun and have something to do. So here is my list I have found and put together for you, I hope you enjoy!

  1. Easter chick fork painting


All you will need for this craft is: Yellow paint , plastic forks ,  googly eyes , orange felt , scissors, glue, and a black pen.

This is very simple, you just dip the fork in the paint and go around in a circle, once you are finished with that you take the black pen and make your chick some cute little legs. Add your googly eyes with your glue and put the beak on with the cut out piece of felt. Now you have a cute little fork painting chick!

2. Egg carton flowers


All you will need for this craft is: acrylic paint , non foam egg carton, glue, paper straws , paint brush ,  pom poms , and scissors.

After you are finished with dying eggs you don’t have to throw away the cartons, you can just make them a fun art project for your kiddos. First cut out four container of the egg carton to make four sides. I would get a plate and put a little bit of each color of paint on the plate so your kids can pick what colors and where to put them at. After the paint is all dry you can glue your pom pom in the middle of your flower and glue the straw on the back. Simple and quick craft for any age child and you can put them in a vase if you want to.

3. Toilet paper roll bunny stamps


All you will need for this craft is: white paint , cardstock paper (cardstock hold up better in my opinion),  toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls), and a black marker.

This one is very simple and super cute! First you tape three toilet paper/paper towel rolls together and make sure they are all level. Then the top two bend them a little bit to make them look like bunny ears. I would use a paper plate and pour some white paint on it and then let your kids make stamps all over the paper. After they are finished making their bunnies, you can draw the faces on them using a black marker.

4. Rice krispies Easter egg treats


What you will need for these adorable egg treats are: marshmallows , rice krispies cereal, food coloring , butter, non stick spray, and plastic easter eggs

Melt 10oz of marshmallows and 6 TBSP of butter in a bowl in the microwave, make sure to stir occasionally. After the butter and marshmallows are melted, separate them into two separate bowls and add food coloring of your choice to each bowl and about 3 cups of Rice Krispies Cereal into each bowl. Once it is all mixed together, put non sick spray into the plastic eggs and put some of the mixture into the eggs. Remove the Rice Krispies from the eggs and YAY you have delicious Rice Krispies Eggs.

5. Easter bunny pancakes


What you will need for these cute bunny pancakes are: pancake mix , bananas,syrup (if you like syrup with your pancakes), and blueberries.

What a cute way for your kids to eat their breakfast Easter morning! All you have to do is make pancakes, cut a banana in half for the ears, use the blueberries for the eyes and you can even use it for his nose, and you can either use cheese (which I find strange) or you can use whipped cream for the whiskers even  though it wont be as neat and perfect.

I hope you guys enjoy these cute ideas for Easter this year. I know it is not the way we like to do things but lets try to make the best out of a not so great situation! Let me know if you try any of these ideas with your kids!


This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you use them. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It is no additional cost to you.

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How my second pregnancy is different than my first

It just hit me this morning that I am so close to my due date with this pregnancy. I am 24 weeks today and just saw when I woke up that we have another 30 days of quarantine. I tried hard not to write anything about COVID-19 but since it is really affecting us I had to. I just have a feeling that it is going to go even farther than that because there are a lot of people who keep going out socializing and not taking things serious. We are literally starting from nothing with this baby, so we need all the necessities for her and with all this going on if it goes through May I am going to have to cancel my baby shower. I know I don’t need to stress anymore than normal but canceling the baby shower is really going to hit me. My husband and I are both out of work with four other kids, bills, and having to try to get baby things also if we have to cancel the shower.

Okay I could write more about how much this is crazy and so on but this post is not about that. Today I am writing about how this pregnancy is different than my first.

pregnant belly

It really is crazy how fast these weeks have been flying right on by me. Even though I am only 24 weeks and I know there will be more differences but these are the main ones that have been going on so far. I do plan on writing a birth story for her as well, and it wont be four years later, haha.

I was very nauseous my whole first trimester with this pregnancy and with my oldest I only got sick once and it was a few days before I found out I was pregnant. With this one I was constantly nauseous and no food sounded good to eat. I ended up losing weight because I couldn’t stand the thought of eating.

I am extremely exhausted with this pregnancy. I have been trying to really push myself to get up and get things done so I don’t just waste away my days. At work with this pregnancy I get to snuggle babies so I get to be sort of lazy. With my oldest I had a ton of energy, I feel like a lot of it came from the caffeine I was still drinking. I have learned a ton from my first pregnancy and changed the caffeine intake with this one. I cut out my coffee this time around and its rare that I drink caffeine, so I know that has some to do with it but I am trying to do better this time around.

No more me time/relaxing time because I have a four year to take care of this time around. My days are so full now than they were with my last pregnancy that I just find myself going to bed early to get that rest I need.

Eating better this time around, with my oldest I kid you not I had a blizzard from dairy queen just about everyday. I had the mindset that oh well I’m pregnant I can eat what I want. With this time around I have grown and learned a lot that I am eating better than I did before. We are cooking our meals more rather than eating out everyday. I don’t eat ice cream everyday, haha. I now have to take baby aspirin this time around because I did end up with high blood pressure with my oldest so that is another thing I am trying to avoid.

I am not gaining a ton of weight this pregnancy and at first I was nervous about it because with my oldest I got big fast that even my nose was fat. I keep asking my doctor if she is alright they say she is. I gained about 50 pounds with my first and right now I have only gained around 8-10 pounds and I am over half way there. I am happy I am not getting crazy huge and I am happy she is healthy in there and measuring 4 days ahead so far.

I have actually bought maternity clothes this time around because I am going to be big in the middle of summer so I needed shorts and tank tops. With my oldest I was pregnant during the winter so I could just throw on a hoodie and sweats and I was fine. Since I haven’t gained much weight so far I actually looked alright in the clothes I have gotten so far so it was not as traumatic as I thought it was going to be.

I always have a sidekick for appointments now and we both love it. I still go to the same doctor I went to when I found out I was pregnant with my oldest. They still have a lot of the same people working there and they always love when he comes in and makes him feel welcomed, and he always asks for stickers every time we leave, haha. He has always been apart of every ultrasound and appointment and loves the fact he can see his baby sis and hear her heartbeat.

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Plush Blanket with Security Blanket, Girl Elephant, One Size

This is the cutest and one of my favorite little girl blanket and security blanket. Pink elephants are the cutest!

This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you use them. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It is no additional cost to you.

I have said before that I am using Babylist for my registry so it is a lot easier for everyone, I am putting the link on here for anyone who does not know what it is. It is a life saver and extremely easier than making multiple registries. I do not make commission on anything on Babylist I just wanted to share with my readers this app I love.

Babylist Link

I just wanted to say that I am so very thankful for everyone who reads and follows this blog, you are the best and I love you guys! Share the love and tell anyone you know about my blog, the more the merrier and it is so amazing!

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6 things to do before baby arrives

Adding another baby into your family is very exciting, nerve-wracking, and a lot of preparation. You may have some items left over from your oldest, me on the other hand am starting from scratch. An important thing to do before baby arrives is doing special things with your oldest. The closer we get to July the more nervous I am about bringing a new baby home. The pregnancy isn’t scary, I am fully enjoying this pregnancy. I am more worried about the fact that Kendyn isn’t going to be the baby anymore and he is so used to having a ton of our attention. He knows that there is going to be a baby sister in a couple months and he acts very excited about it. He always talks to my belly, rubs my belly, and talks about her all the time. I am just nervous that he is all excited now about her coming until she is here and she needs a lot of my attention. So I have sat down and thought of a few things I have done and I will do with him to hopefully help with her arrival.

1- Talking about the baby

Ever since we found out that we were expecting we told Kendyn that there was a baby in my belly. At first I don’t think he really understood because I didn’t look any different at that time. But the more we would talk about it, and after we told everyone else and they started talking to him about it, it really seemed to click and now that he can see and feel her move he really loves it and is very excited. We have told him all the things he can do to help and how awesome it is to be a big brother.

2- Go through and get rid of old toys

You are about to get so much more stuff, make it fun for your child to go through all his/her old toys and clothes. About a month ago Kendyn and I went into his room, we sat down and made a pile for toys he wanted to give to other kids and a pile of clothes he has grown out of. He loved the idea that he was giving kids toys that they didn’t have (He didn’t play with most of it anyways.) He always loves going through his clothes anyways so that part was not that hard but toys were a little rough at first. Him and the new baby are going to share a room so I told him he had to make room for his baby sister when she came and he was okay with that.

3- Work on those transitions you have been meaning to do

If your oldest is still in diapers, crib, still has a pacifier, etc. and you have been wanting to break them of those habits, do it now and try to get them broke before the baby comes. I feel like my energy level will not be even close to what it is now when the baby comes for those arguments and battles and that’s a lot of moms with multiples. That doesn’t mean you absolutely have to do it and finish before the baby comes but it would be helpful to get a jump start on it now so you have a heads up. My battle we have been trying to work on and it has been a struggle is getting him to stay in his own bedroom all night. He will start in his room and always ends up in our bed. That will be a whole different post on why I will refuse to co-sleep with this baby because it has been a four year struggle with Kendyn. We are hoping that since him and the new baby will be sharing a room after she is here for a couple months that he will stay in there to “protect” her. I am also nervous of him waking her up at night because sometimes he will wake up crying and screaming from bad dreams and it is very loud, so I am trying to mentally prepare myself for those nights.

4- Have a mommy and me day

I know it might sound silly, but I do plan on making a special day before she comes with just me and Kendyn to do things he loves. There wont be many times after that we will be able to do that once the baby comes. I don’t plan on feeling guilt or obligated to do it, we both deserve a day to ourselves.

5- Go shopping

It’s alright if you are so overjoyed about buying those cute little baby clothes, and before you know it your oldest is growing right out of their clothes. I know I have been crazy about buying cute little girl clothes ever since we found out we were having a little girl. Luckily my son’s birthday is in March so this year we asked everyone to get him clothes for spring/summer and he insisted on lots of shoes. So he wont have to wear small and tight clothes because momma didn’t notice how fast he was growing. He loves getting new shoes but not so much clothes. Haha.

6- Take a ton of pictures!

If your anything like me, you already have a crazy amount of pictures of your kid(s) on your phone. I know me personally I have over 7,000 pictures (I know that’s a ton, but I can’t help it with four kids already.) I am going to keep looking like a crazy helicopter parent with my phone always taking pictures especially adding another to the group. I know it is cliché, but they really do grow up fast and having a baby and older ones trying to keep up on those special moments, it’s hard not to have a crazy amount of pictures. You will look back one day and be glad you were that crazy looking mom and they will be thankful that they can look back and see moments of their childhood.


I really hope that my fears of him getting completely jealous of his baby sis needing a lot of mommies help and attention are only fears and he is amazing with her. I just need to relax and hope for the best, he does amazing with other babies so maybe it will be the same with her.

Hopefully this post helps anyone who is adding another bundle of joy into their families. These are just a few things I want to do and have done already with Kendyn, and I love sharing my ideas with all of you! Let me know what you think.

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10 items on my registry for second baby

After we had Kendyn four years ago we were not sure if we would have another baby or not. I always wanted one more but my husband was not there yet until we started trying in July of this year. Since we were not sure when and if we would have another one we got rid of just about everything we received and bought when he was a baby and from my baby shower. So we are starting from nothing this time around other than we still have the crib. We are having another baby shower since we really do need just about everything and we are having a girl this time. I have put together ten items that are on my registry for second time moms.


With Kendyn I did breastfeed but we had to eventually mix breastmilk with formula because he had reflux really bad so we used the drop in bottles but this time I just wanted to try something different just in case we have to mix formula again with her, and I love that you can find these both on amazon since I am a huge amazon buyer.


Since I will have two young kids to lug a bunch of stuff around I decided to put a book bag diaper bag on the registry. They are a lot easier to carry and you can carry a lot more in them with all the space. This one especially is one of my favorites because of all the extra pockets and space provided.


If you plan on nursing you will want a nice stash of stuff like breast pads, nipple cream, nursing bras, and milk storage bags if you plan on exclusively pumping and storing milk. I found this brand, Earth Mama this time around and heard great things about them so I am going to try them out.


I cannot say this enough, you will go through diapers so fast and you don’t even realize it until your down to your last two and need to rush to the store to stock up again. We are planning on doing a diaper raffle this time around because we did not do it for our first and we didn’t get many packs of diapers, we ended up with WAY too many clothes than we could even use. So don’t forget to put all sizes of diapers on your registry because you will need them. We plan on using Parents Choice or Aldi’s brand.


These are amazing, with my oldest I used it for many different things. I used it for when I was nursing, sitting him up, he could lay on it on the floor, when his older siblings and dad fed him they would use it so their arms wouldn’t get tired. Lets just say these are a must have, and you can get different cute covers for them also.


You can not have enough of these especially if your little one spits up or drools a lot.


If you are anything like me, you will want your baby close to you at night to make sure they are okay. Having a bassinet in your room will help ease your mind having your little one close but not in the same bed. Once they grow out of it you can move them to their bed then. You can get many different kinds of these but I am okay with a simple one.


These are awesome when your little one starts to sit up on their own. My oldest loved his, it was a tight fit with him being so chubby but he loved being able to sit up and see everyone at all times.


These are always a great idea to have, it helps your baby with fine motor skills by holding on to the dangling toys and they love looking up at it. I also used mine for tummy time when my son was a baby.


These are a necessity in my opinion because a lot of babies sleep better when they are wrapped up tight like when they were in the womb and it helps them feel safe and comfortable.


There are a lot more that are essentials like a breast pump, car seat, stroller. But in all honestly, other than possibly family members there isn’t many people who would get those big purchases for you. If you have friends that would then consider yourself lucky lol.

My dad and stepmom have helped out a TON with this pregnancy and they have bought us some big purchases and my stepmom is the one putting together my baby shower so I am very thankful for them.

I also found it to be a ton easier to use the app babylist for my registry this time around because you can add anything from any website to one place and give one like to your friends and family instead of multiples.

This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you use them. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It is no additional cost to you.

birth story

Kendyn’s Birth Story

It has been four years since our little man came into the world and I have been wanting to write this and just haven’t been able to. I knew it would be too long because all of the emotions you are going through, it is difficult to keep it short and sweet. I knew you wouldn’t want to read tons of pages on it so I have been able to make it as short as possible.

birth story

I read and watched a million birthing stories a few weeks before Kendyn’s arrival. I know that was probably not the best thing to do seeing how this was my first and watching those videos made me a little nervous, but I also learned that not everyone’s experience is the same so that made it a little better for me to think about that.

birth story 3

My pregnancy was not too terrible other than the fact I did have high blood pressure and I did swell up quite a bit. Once I hit 36 weeks I was so huge and tired that I was ready for him to make his arrival.

At 37 weeks, just three days after my baby shower, I woke up for work that Wednesday morning and did my normal morning bonding routine with him where I would lay on my back for a couple minutes before getting ready and watch him move and talk to him. I had zero signs that my water would be breaking that afternoon. I went on with my morning and went into work, It was a sunny day and chilly because it was the middle of March.

Side note: I do not remember ever seeing my mucus plug come out so I was not expecting him to come three weeks early.

My job at the time was to drive mentally handicap adults to and from work, So I was at someone’s job to pick them up and I had to use the bathroom while I waited for him to get ready. I walked back out to the front desk to sign him out, I remember it was 3:30 p.m. and as I was standing there I felt this huge gush of liquid come out and go down my legs. I was very surprised at how calm I was and I just looked at the lady at the desk and calmly told her I had to leave and someone else would have to come out to pick him up because I am very confident that my water just broke. She was very nice and gave me what I always call “puppy potty pads” to sit on in the vehicle and she wished me luck.

As soon as I got back in the vehicle I called Marcus and told him my water broke and to meet me at the hospital, he is a dump truck driver and actually beat me to the hospital. I then called my boss and told her as I was heading back in to drop the vehicle off. I drove about twenty minutes back to work to drop off the work vehicle and have someone take me to the hospital. My boss was acting like a b**** and wasn’t going to let anyone take me to the hospital but I told her I was either taking a vehicle, she could have someone take me, or I was having the baby on the floor in her office. So she finally decided to have someone take me there, because we had one vehicle at the time and my husband would take it to work. My husband beat me to the hospital and was waiting by the front doors with nurses and a wheelchair for me. Once we went inside and up the elevator they wanted to check me to make sure my water actually broke, even though every move I made it was just gushing out. So I stood up from the wheelchair and they immediately had me sit back down and said, “Okay, lets get you in a room.”

They had me change into the gown and lay down on the bed to get me hooked up to all the monitors. By this time I had been in active labor for around two hours. I was dilating pretty fast but then stopped at 5cm. I kept wanting to go to the bathroom to make sure I got all poop out because I didn’t want to poop while pushing lol. They had me walk around the labor and delivery floor for about half an hour and then went back to bounce on the medicine ball. When I still wasn’t dilating quickly they ended up giving me Pitocin. After I had that, I could feel the contractions more. Up to that point they really were not that terrible. There were a couple times when the nurses were surprised I wasn’t reacting when they were looking at the monitors. Contractions really are like a wave like they say, they start very mild and then build to an intensity where you can’t do anything else but focus on it, and then they taper off.

I knew I wanted to have an epidural that has always been the plan even before I was pregnant. So once they offered it to me I took it. I am not going to lie, I was petrified of it but It really was not bad at all, the numbing shot they gave me hurt ten times worse than getting the actual epidural. Getting the epidural was just uncomfortable because you have to sit up, hunched over, and perfectly still while having contractions. But that relief once it kicks in is well worth it!

By this point I have been up for going on 12-14 hours, I was already so exhausted and haven’t eaten anything other than ice chips for about 8 hours. So after the epidural kicked in around midnight we all tried to get some sleep. Let’s just say I didn’t really get much sleep because I was already uncomfortable, still leaking fluids, and the nurses would come into the room multiple times to check me. The last time they came in to check it was a little after 1 a.m. and I was finally dilated to a ten!


birth story 5

This is when it really hit me, I was about to become this little boy’s mommy. It was finally time to push and meet our sweet little man.

Once they started bringing in all the supplies I started getting anxious and nervous. I remember the bright lights turning on above me and there was a mirror I could watch if I decided to, which I did sometimes and I do highly recommend doing this!

My doctor was not there yet so they were trying to get me to not push but if you have ever been in labor and your body is wanting to push, it’s nearly impossible to not do it. So they gave me a little more of the epidural to try to slow down contractions until my Doctor arrived. The nurse did let me push a couple times to try to get him started, she had me hold on to the bars that are attached to the bed and it was difficult for me to figure out how to push that way, it just didn’t feel right. Finally my doctor made it and it was game time! Being a first time mom and never having to push a baby out of me was hard to figure out and it took me two hours to push him out which made him get stuck in my birth canal. It was the most intense pain even with the epidural so ladies who go without It you are a hero! I remember them putting an oxygen mask on me and there was just so much going on I felt like it was strangling me, so every time I pushed I had to take it off. Marcus was such a trooper and kept rubbing my head and talking me through everything and I appreciate him so much he really is amazing!

birth story 2

After a long two hours of pushing and twelve hours of labor, Kendyn Roy Grimshaw made his arrival on March 17, 2016 at 3:58 a.m.

Our little St. Patty’s day baby!

The moment they laid him on my chest, nothing else in the world mattered. All the pain I felt just seconds ago went away. I don’t really remember birthing the placenta because I was in such awe that my son was actually here! I do remember getting stitches (second degree tear) only because I did feel a couple pinches from it, but I was so overwhelmed by all the emotions pumping through my body that I didn’t care. There truly is nothing in the world like that moment when he was first laid on my chest.

I don’t think I can even put this next part into words because my writing is not that amazing to put these feelings into words. When they put Kendyn in my arms for the first time and watching Marcus cut the umbilical cord, it was one of those few moments in life when I was living in the exact moment I was in and I was not worried about anything else in that moment in time. I was in complete waterworks, and I was later told by him that Kendyn’s head was extremely cone shaped from being stuck for so long, but I didn’t even really notice with everything going on. I do remember Marcus asking to hurry and put a hat on him before we take more pictures, haha.

And the bond we had from breastfeeding, that first latch was so precious and amazing. He did have a hard time latching but we eventually got the hang of it.

I remember when they were giving him his little bath he would start getting fussy and then the nurse would rub his back and he would immediately stop. He was already spoiled as can be. I remember being so exhausted by the time we made it to the other room, we all passed out for a few hours before it was time for me to feed him. Later that afternoon we allowed family to start coming in to meet him.

birth story 4

We left the hospital on March 19th around 12:30 p.m. to head home to transition into our new lives as a family of six! His siblings came over when we got home to meet their new baby brother and they all just adored him so much and still do.

Before I say I am finished with this post, I wanted to say one more thing. I am so very thankful for Marcus, my partner through this whole amazing journey. He was so calm, sturdy, comforting, and sincere throughout it all. I appreciate all you do babe you are my rock and I love you so much!


Birthday plans changed

With all of this craziness going around with the world with the coronavirus and yesterday was my son’s fourth birthday, we had to cancel going to Monster Jam for his first time and we are also waiting to have a party until further notice. We are planning on having just close family come over this coming weekend for cake.


Even though our big plans for this year had to be pushed back, we still celebrated our big boy on his birthday. So I still got up and made him his green birthday pancakes just like I have done since he turned one. He was so happy about it and made sure we put candles in them and sang happy birthday.


He had his older brothers and sister here and loved that they were here to sing to him and give him his gifts. His GG and aunt Ady came over and gave him his gifts from them he was so thrilled to have people he loves come over and tell him happy birthday. He was not able to go to school and bring in cookies for his classmates since the preschool/daycare he goes to and I work at shut down until further notice, but he was okay with that. He went to his brothers and sisters mom’s house for the night and had cake and celebrated his birthday with them last night, he was extremely excited about having a sleepover with them.


I am just glad we could still do something for him this year since everything is closing down and we have been stuck in the house. I hope that next year we can make up for it and he can FINALLY make it to Monster Jam.


First movie theatre experience

At what age did you take your child(ren) to the movie theatre for the first time?

My son will be four on March 17th and on March 7th my husband and I were trying to find something for us to do together that Kendyn would also enjoy. We had a gift card from Christmas we received as a gift from Christmas this year to the movies so we decided to take Kendyn to see Sonic the movie.

We have been contemplating taking him to the movies for months now and decided we might as well get if over with and at-least we wouldn’t be out too much money if he didn’t want to sit. My biggest concern was it’s hard for him to sit and watch something for a long period of time so I was prepared during the whole movie for him to want to leave.

On our way there, we were talking it up and saying it so awesome and it’s a HUGE screen you watch the movie on. We also prepared him and said that there are going to be lots of other people there so we have to be quiet so they can also watch the movie. He seemed really excited the whole way there asking questions and talking about it. Once we pulled up we reminded him once again that we have to stay in our seats and be quiet so everyone can enjoy the movie.

Once we walked in he immediately saw the candy and ice machine (of course lol). We told him if he was good waiting for the movie he could get his icee to watch the movie and he agreed. We got there a little bit early so we waited for them to start seating people and my husband pulled the trailer up for Sonic for Kendyn to watch before we went in. Once they were seating people we took Kendyn to the theater we were going to be in so that he could see how big it is. We found out seats and were the first ones in there, it was still pretty dark because the previews hadn’t started yet so after a couple minutes he got bored and I think a little freaked out so he got up and said, “ I have to get out of here.” So we took him out to get his icee and went back in.

After a few minutes more people started showing up in the theater and once the previews started he was starting to relax a little bit. The theatre we went to had the nice recliner seats and he insisted on sitting really close to me and my husband so we were pretty squished, haha. Finally the movie started and we got about thirty minutes in or so and he started to get antsy and wanted to get up again, so my husband took him to get some candy and came back. He was fine and laughing at the movie for awhile until his icee ran out so he insisted on getting a refill. So it was mommy’s turn to take him. I took him out, got a refill and went back to our seats. After we got his refill he was awesome the rest of the movie sitting on daddy’s lap.

In the end he did a pretty good job being quiet and only getting up twice for his first movie theater experience. He has been asking to go back to watch the new Scooby Doo movie even thought it’s not out yet, haha. That’s a win in my book and I wouldn’t mind taking him again sometime down the road.

What we’re your experiences?